The work we love to do

We have the great privilege to claim our title as Architects.  It takes years of study and work to gain the qualification and right to use the term. We take our professional responsibilities  seriously and we aim to provide high-quality design and advice and exercise our abilities in the service of our clients.

We undertake many levels of service, from advice, to full service, to illustrating ideas, mediating, brain-storming, strategic-planning and colour schemes.

However everything we do is with thought to the impact on the environment and the future which we aim to contribute to with resilient and thoughtful work.

In Architecture, our work can be roughly divided into Work Places, Living Places and Play Places. Please feel free to have a look through these pages. We might throw in some odd links to show our work in Education, Illustration, and Community Activism as well! Please also try our Facebook and twitter pages to get a sense of what we are up to! We love feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact us!




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Lyola Seek external shot

Designs for life